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Thread: Audacity ffmpeg problem with wav files

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    Default Re: Audacity ffmpeg problem with wav files

    Quote Originally Posted by iDominic42 View Post

    So there is a test, which proves the case, but the developer says this is NOT recommended

    cd /usr/lib64
    sudo ln -s
    There is a point and click way to achieve this by tying Audacity to the specific library

    I found this after removing my above soft link, and then restarting Audacity gave a blurb that said it couldn't find it's FFMpeg Library, and you need to go to Preferences to set it

    So if you go:

    Edit > Preferences > Libraries Tab

    You have LAME export Library, or FFMpeg import /export library and then choose the Locate button

    This is where it tells you it is explicitly looking for

    So first, browse to /usr/lib64/

    and then you need to deselect the file option of only "" and pick the "Dynamically linked libraries (*.so.*)" option

    and then pick (which is a link to the full library

    And then you will find your wav files (and possibly other formats that had stopped working?) will load.

    This is obviously tying you to a specific library, so should only be used as a short term workaround, and you may want to keep an eye on further updates, as it will probably break at some point, as a new version is released

    Hope that all makes sense

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    Default Re: Audacity ffmpeg problem with wav files

    I ought to add the reason for all this

    I was going through some cassette tapes - yes, actual physical moving chrome tape - from a 4-Track Tascam PortaOne from the 1980s, where I recorded some guitar stuff, and I wanted to get the individual tracks off, so buying RCA-to-Jack adapter cables, plugging them into 4 inputs on the (digital) Zoom R16, and pressing Record on the R16, then play on the PortaOne, I then had some (rather hissy) individual master tracks...

    ... which I should have been able to load into Audacity, but couldn't

    So now I've got about 6 or 7 C90s (except in 4-track mode there is only 45mins per cassette, as there is only one side, effectively) to record onto the Zoom R16. And then edit and mix in Audacity

    So again, thanks to David Plater. You've helped me resurrect my memories from the 1980s, and my bad guitar playing....

    Not sure the world is ready for this, though . . . I apologise in advance!

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    This is now fixed in version 2.4.2-2.3

    Information for package audacity:
    Repository     : openSUSE-Tumbleweed-Oss
    Name           : audacity
    Version        : 2.4.2-2.3
    Arch           : x86_64
    Vendor         : openSUSE
    Installed Size : 17.0 MiB
    Installed      : Yes
    Status         : up-to-date
    Source package : audacity-2.4.2-2.3.src
    Summary        : A Multi Track Digital Audio Editor

    If anyone used the workarounds I posted above in this thread, then you should probably revert them

    For full details of what the bug was, see the bugzilla report

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