I've had this problem with the new LEAP 15.2 and Tumbleweed. I've verified by re-installing multiple times.
I installed all DESKTOPs, i.e. GNOME, Classic, SLE, MATE, XFCE, etc.

After installation I tried MATE, which so far is my favorite; It worked just fine.
Then I logged out and logged back in with XFCE; Fine as well.
I then tried GNOME to see what it looked like, although I do not like it. (I tried X and Wayland)

When I logged out and tried to log back in to MATE, my panel was missing the Advanced Menu; I tried adding it, without success. I can add MATE Menu.

After a couple of attempts to switch between desktops, the system starting freezing after the boot loader.

I've repeated the process and it appears to have something to do with GNOME. I finally installed MATE and XFCE and all is fine.