With vendors locking up their websites and denying firmware downloads to Linux users I searched for an alternative: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews...heap,5717.html

  • Download Windows 10 iso: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/soft...d/windows10ISO
  • Prepare USB installation stick: run "woeusb -d Win10_2004_German_x64.iso /dev/sdX --tgt-fs ntfs", adjust for for your file name and device
  • Free disk space: yast partitioner performs btrfs size change in the blink of an eye; Windows 10 will want 50GB
  • Remove network cable and install Windows 10 from stick: click "no internet available", click "I do not have a product key"
  • Attach network cable and install vendor drivers
  • Boot Linux system from UEFI boot menu
  • Adjust boot order using "efibootmgr -o ...."
  • Add Windows Boot Manager to grub using yast bootloader

The above install of Windows was a first for me in the current millennium.