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My personal 1st stop for books (real ones – not on the screen on any form whatsoever … ) is, O'Reilly …
  • These days, a little bit difficult but, simply search for “Books” and then “Bash” …

The “classical” O'Reilly Bash books are:
  1. “Learning the bash Shell, 3rd Edition” – 2005 – ISBN: 9780596009656
  2. “Bash Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition” – 2016 – ISBN: 9781491941591
  3. “bash Cookbook, 2nd Edition” – 2017 – ISBN: 9781491975336

And then, there's “Unix for the Impatient” – 1995 – Addison-Wesley Professional – ISBN 0201823764 – ISBN13: 0785342823769

May I suggest that, if you have a local book store, use it – simply take these ISBNs to them and ask if they can order them – a good book store has access to a book retailer's network which is usually independent of J. Bezo and, they'll also, probably, have access to used books sources and, they can usually have to the orders delivered within a day or two at a price better than what Bezos offers …
Thank you very much, I'll look into those. FYG I'm based in north west Italy but use systems in English and need manuals in that language, so the options at local book stores are very very limited (I often need to rely on Amazon).