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Thanks, however I haven't found relevant information there.

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if you use Software Manager in Yast you can select what you want (if I understand you correctly). In the menu bar 'Dependencies' allows you to toggle on/off 'install recommended packages' and 'Options' allows you to toggle on/off 'Clean up when deleting packages'.

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Package inventory with zypper is not complete. Any package you name for zypper will be marked as explicitly installed (prefix i+). Default configuration installs recommended packages as implicit dependencies (prefix i). Explicit packages are not reported as unneeded. Implicit packages are reported as unneeded once explicit packages are removed. Suggested packages are not installed automatically.

Some query commands:

echo all installed packages
zypper search -si
echo packages not explicitly installed which are not dependencies of explicit installs
zypper packages --unneeded
echo packages recommended by installed packages
zypper packages --recommended
echo packages suggested by installed packages
zypper packages --suggested
echo packages that don't have a backing repository (check only after a zypper dup)
zypper packages --orphaned

echo remove a package and unneeded dependencies
zypper rm -u package_name
echo install all recommended packages, as explicit installs
zypper inr
Thanks for the write-up, this makes everything clear.

I guess I can mark this thread as solved.