As this issue is partly related to the Packman repositories it made sense not to report it on the openSUSE bug tracker. However I'm opening this thread to draw attention to the problem and ask if there's a workaround in case others are experiencing it.

Last night's Tumbleweed snapshot introduced a major issue with codecs, apparently due to bad package naming; The openSUSE-OSS repository offers one version of the codec files, whereas the Packman repository offers the same base version but with another number added at the end. Since the openSUSE repo only offers codecs with some formats due to ancient patent issues while Packman offers full functionality, yet both can be installed at the same time, some applications don't know what to use as different ones are compiled / packaged to look for a different library. Currently I have both installed to avoid applications not starting up, but the Firefox web browser has issues with mp4 files including randomly not being able to play Youtube videos. A list of affected packages includes:

For example, if you open the YaST - Software Management and look for libavcodec you get two packages for the same version: "libavcodec58" (openSUSE) and "libavcodec58_91" (Packman). That extra "_91" should not exist, it should be a replacement for the same package instead of a different one entirely! Installing either one, either the other, either both will get some applications working properly but upset others. Is the issue known and a fix in the works?