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Well, I don't argue that you didn't install libavcodec57, but that's not the reason/fix for the problem...

It rather sounds like your user didn't have permissions to access the audio hardware, or some other problem with pulseaudio. Maybe some timing issue during boot/login.

But it's very likely that the logout/re-login "fixed" the problem, and not the installation of libavcodec57.

Again, a missing libavcodec57 *cannot* possibly cause such a problem.

Also, do you really believe that sound is generally broken now on every Tumbleweed install, until one manually adds Packman and installs libavcodec57?
Such a snapshot wouldn't even be released, as openQA does test sound playing back an OGG file in VLC and amarok at least.
Rolled back to pre libavcodec57 install. No issues with multimedia anymore. Applications use libavcodec58_91. No libavcodec57 missing, installed or needed.