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Thread: Firefox unable to access certain webpages

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    Default Firefox unable to access certain webpages

    I'm trying to download the Tor browser from, but when I open that site up, Firefox displays this error message. An error occurred during a connection to PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR.

    This seems to be something to do with an SSL problem. I'm not entirely sure, but it is highly annoying. I was just wondering what might be causing it? This is a brand new install with all the latest updates downloaded in case they are needed.

    If you need any more information let me know.

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    Default Re: Firefox unable to access certain webpages is the actual download URL I found there with SeaMonkey. You can download it with a downloader, e.g. wget or curl. Can you open the site in any other installed browser, e.g. Falkon or Chromium? opens for me in Firefox ESR on 15.1, same as SeaMonkey, Palemoon and Chromium.
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    Default Re: Firefox unable to access certain webpages

    Probably blocked by your government/provider.
    Try to use VPN/browser add-ons/etc.

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    Default Re: Firefox unable to access certain webpages

    1. to assess if it is a openSUSE or a government blockage. Download Knoppix distro and use it as a Live Linux from DVD or USB key.
    If it can access Tor browser , then it may not be a 'blocked access' on government control.
    2 This second method allows you to check access to TOR outside openSUSE.
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    Default Re: Firefox unable to access certain webpages

    Mozilla support says that it's an SSL algorithm fail (various possible causes).
    No need to use another distro like Knoppix, you can do the same kind of check by using another web browser... We offer many web browsers in the openSUSE repo like Chromium, Falkon, Sea Monkey, etc.

    If you can connect and download using one of these other web browsers, then your problem is Firefox itself.
    the Mozilla forums describe what you should do

    Rhe answer provided by the Forum Moderator (a few answers down the list)

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