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Thread: Steam - F1 2019 - Tumbleweed

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    Default Steam - F1 2019 - Tumbleweed

    F1 2019 is not a very stable game, it tends to "crash" often.
    To get a better experience I decided to test some different setups with my AMD RX560.

    Default Leap 15.1 Gnome + AMDGPU drivers -> time trials work but career mode crashes.
    Default Leap 15.2 Gnome + open source AMD drivers -> career mode works for a few minutes, before it crashes out.
    Current tumbleweed + IceWM + open source AMD drivers -> everything works, no crashes after 5 hours of gameplay!

    So it seems that the latest software and the lightest install mode really pays off.
    I made a separate partition and use the same home partition but it works.

    Just wanted to share for all the F1 & OpenSuSE fans!

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    Default Re: Steam - F1 2019 - Tumbleweed

    Oooh this is pretty neat, thanks! Race on.

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