I did a fresh install of Leap 15.2 and discovered there is a problem using a Wacom Bamboo tablet with KMail Version 5.14.2 (20.04.2).

Whenever the tablet cursor is in the KMail window, the area where KMail thinks I am pointing is vertically offset one inch below where the tablet cursor is visible on my 23 inch screen.

For example, when I see my tablet cursor pointing at the topmost email, KMail highlights the message 3 rows below, showing KMail thinks I am pointing at the forth row from the top. The same behavior presents in the Folders column. This makes KMail unusable with the tablet, as I can not:
* select any email message higher than the forth row
* activate any icons in the toolbar
* use the menu bar

This tablet pointer offset behavior is not presenting in any other application. This behavior was not present in any version of KMail from Leap 15.0 or older.

When I connect a mouse to my system, the area where KMail thinks I am pointing is the same as where the mouse cursor is visible, as it should be. BTW - switching to the mouse as my primary pointing device is not an option, and I very much do not want to switch from KMail.

Please help!