Have here a Dell Optiplex 7020 with BIOS A18 (latest). When I shut down Leap 15.2 (in GUI, with "shutdown -h now" or via "init 0") the machine shuts down, but after 1-2 seconds it reboots again. I can press the power button, but after some 1-2 seconds it will reboot again. If a pull the plug it will stop (of course), but reboot again on plugging in again, but with pressing the power button again it will shut up, finally. Very annoying.

The BIOS option "Power Management" -> "AC Recovery" is set to "Last power state", as the machine is sometimes used as a router/firewall.

With Win 7 or BSD I have no such problems on this machine (was comparable with Leap 15.1, but I could stop the rebooting by pressing the power button).

Any ideas how to stop this? :-(