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    I have been using rsynch for years to backup my home and data, and I am happy with it. What should I use to backup the new system after having installed an amount of extra software? With rsync I am never sure what I should exclude because it might have changed in the new version.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    When this is about software you installed after you installed the system (using the standard set of software at system installation), make a list of it and after a disaster and fresh installation, it is easy to redo that (also easy when installing any new system).

    Make that list up-to-date either when you install something (I know, people hate it to document how they manage their system, but that is not an argument). Or, when you forgot to do that, make a list of all that is installed (several possibilties with zypper and/or rpm on a regular (e.g. the same time you make your backups) base.

    BTW , I use for that list
    rpm -qa --qf '%{NAME}:%{VERSION}:%{RELEASE}:%{INSTALLTID}:%{SUMMARY}\n' | sort
    but you may want a different set of fields and or field separators, etc., just an example.
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    Default Re: System backup

    Once you have your application list,
    You may like to take your "restore" a step further and plug it into an unattended install script.

    For another Forum thread, I just looked up a script I wrote a year ago that does practically everything you'd need to do a one-click rebuild (Test it in a virtual machine or spare hardware). The script can rebuild your system's apps but to do a full restore you'd need to do something to restore personal files and data.

    Within limits, it could even upgrade or migrate some systems (keeping in mind that some apps like webservers and database apps don't easily migrate without individual attention and work).

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