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Thread: Laptop doesn’t ReConnect to router when waking from sleep

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    Default Laptop doesn’t ReConnect to router when waking from sleep

    My wife’s Toshiba C70 with a dual channel WiFi dongle has to reconnect when she opens the lid(wake from sleep).
    There is a panel comes up asking for the router password, but when she enters the password, it ‘spins’ the WiFi indicator then brings the entry panel right back up. Over and over!
    She had to click the cancel for that entry panel, It closes but then she has to right click on the WiFi icon and tell it to connect. It does so, quickly.

    It is a PITA to have to do that every time she opens the lid.
    The WiFi configuration is set to ‘connect when the WiFi is available’. I don think it is trying to auto connect to a neighbors WiFi(I could be wrong.

    Any suggestions?

    BTW My S70 Toshiba with on board WiFi dose not have this problem.
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    Default Re: Laptop doesn’t ReConnect to router when waking from sleep

    There is a chance that on your laptop the connection is setup as a "system" connection, AKA "available to all users" while on your wife's laptop it is bound to a single user and that user's keychain might be locked just out of sleep.
    There should be a desktop menu entry to change that, depending on what DE you are using, but you can also check via CLI; a system connection with auto-connect should show as the following:
    LT_B:~ # nmcli connection show <your connection ID here>                           <your connection ID here>
    connection.uuid:                        <edited>
    connection.stable-id:                   --
    connection.type:                        802-11-wireless
    connection.interface-name:              --
    connection.autoconnect:                 yes
    connection.autoconnect-priority:        0
    connection.autoconnect-retries:         -1 (default)
    connection.auth-retries:                -1
    connection.timestamp:                   1593533678                   no
    connection.permissions:                 --
    LT_B:~ #
    Check that "connection.permissions: --", if it has a user name instead maybe you have found the culprit.

    Writing this from Gnome, maybe KDE has specific quirks about keychain and wireless permissions...
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