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Yes, but you have to upgrade *all* KDE packages as well, same as in previous versions.
(Actually it has 5.15.0 meanwhile, not 5.14 anymore )


Well, new versions bring new features and can introduce new bugs. Also the packages are more or less untested (at least before they get submitted to Tumbleweed).
But all in all it should be fine, as long as you do a full switch and not "forget" to update some packages.
I just tested this solution. And it looks like kmail/akonadi is a lot more responsive, now.
How stable is this solution ?
Will there be unstable updates from this repo soon ?
I usually stay on the official and stable repos and i don't want to risk any unstability. So is there a risk of a buggy update soon ?

And will there be a stable update for qt/kde on the official repo , soon ?