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Thread: back-other repserver is dead

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    Default back-other repserver is dead

    This is probably the reason why local builds don't work and local OBS instances (and eg. packman) can't connect to

    $ osc build ...
    Server returned an error: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
    remote error: remote error  connect  Connection refused (http //back-other-opensuse 5252/build/openSUSE Tumbleweed/standard/x86_64/_repository?view=cache) (http://back-home-opensuse:5252/build/home:munix9:unstable/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/x86_64/gambas3/_buildinfo?add=gdb&add=vim&add=strace&add=less&add=rzsz)
    The repository setup is broken, build or publish not possible

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    Default Re: back-other repserver is dead


    Please take a look at the openSUSE Status: <>
    Authentication system IDM login seems broken

    We get messages, that the IDM system is currently kind of broken.

    OBS users using "osc" on the command line seem not to be affected, but all WebUI services seem not to work properly. Looks like the login proxy servers can not reach the backend machines any longer. SUSE-IT is investigating the issue.

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