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Thanks, Deano - in Cups admin it's set to color RGB. In Yast, it's set to color.I have no idea what to do now.
Yes, not sure what the problem is here. Some checks that we can do...

1) Using the same printer name as reported here
lpstat -a
lpoptions -o <printer_name> -l
and report back.

2) Alternatively, check that no unintentional user-level print change has been applied. If ~/.cups/lpoptions exists
cat ~/.cups/lpoptions
(Similarly, administrator option changes will be stored in /etc/cups/lpoptions, but otherwise this file won't exist.)

3) From a PPD perspective, we can check the *DefaultColorSpace value...
grep -i color /etc/cups/ppd/*
Report back with the requested output. We can use some diagnostics steps to investigate the print job workflow if necessary.