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Thread: HP printer output

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    Default HP printer output

    I have a feeling this has nothing to do with opensuse, but HP has been no help and I hope someone here has experience with this.

    It appears that my yellow cartridge is not working on printing. I get no red or yellow at all and everything has blue-green tint. I have run the cleaning program many times but the problem persists. The test page prints black cleanly but where there should be red, it is gray. There is a brown block which I'm guessing should be yellow. My printer is an HP Officejet 6700 Premium all-in-one. So, I put a photograph on the scanner glass and, using the printer's keypad, made a copy of the photo. While the colors were not great, both red and yellow printed in the copy. I have the latest hplip installed.

    I have loved this printer and can't afford to replace it right now, at least not with one that has similar features.
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    Default Re: HP printer output

    Have you had a look at The manual actually advises against using the cleaning program too often.

    Are you using genuine HP cartridges? A friend of mine had similar problems when he was offered some ‘compatible’ cartridges.

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