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Thread: openSUSe Tumbleweed update broke my sound my speakers do not work

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    Default openSUSe Tumbleweed update broke my sound my speakers do not work

    OpenSUSe Tunbleweed updated 70+ packages this morning and I have just learned my speakers, headset and Mic are not working
    before that the install from the 5/2020 downloaded DVD had no trouble configuring the sound

    My install consists of openSUSe Tumbleweed basic GNOME package with the addition of only Audacity to record from my USB turntable.
    I passed on (did not load) the experimental nvidea driver

    This was after recording a record from my sony turntable table that did appear to have worked
    I found my headset was not working, neither were my speakers or my internal microphone (not that i use the later much)

    I found SDB:Audio Troubleshooitng online

    I did this

    rpm -q alsa alsa-utils alsa-firmware

    the first two packages were found and I got this
    package alsa-firmware is not installed

    After su I did this

    zypper in alsa-firmware

    And I am sure it worked.

    I open Yast Sound

    and it says Cannon Lake PCH cAVS is not configured

    My machine (laptop) has an intel GPU and nvidea GPU and realtek sound for my internal mic and speakers info
    I know from windows 10 home also installed on the laptop.
    the Sony turntable also connects via USB.

    When I attempt to configure the sound card using edit and normal

    I get
    An error occurred during the installation of
    Cannon Lake PCH cAVS
    The Kernel module snd-sof-pci for sound support
    could not be loaded. This can be caused by incorrect
    module parameters including invalid IO or IRQ parameters.

    This is where I need help for a next step.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: openSUSe Tumbleweed update broke my sound my speakers do not work

    I had another update problem this morning could not mount a CD to update su. So I reinstalled from scratch and the system is working. Thanks to all that looked this can be closed.

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