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I would suggest going in and remove the drive from the array, shutdown, replace drive, then bring up and re-attach to the array. Read the IBM documentation for the controller, but I would expect you need to format, rebuild all via the controller before starting the system.
Hi Malcolm,
I had the failed drive out already and was in BIOS-> RAID configuration where I left the machine while the drive was in the post. It arrived this evening (yes on Sunday thanks to Amazon prime with no postage charge!!!). Swapped out the caddy and put back in and the magic took over. Warning light went out after a few secs then drive lights did a dance. I exited from the Bios and the machine restarted. A wait of about 5 minutes while Btrfs was playing catchup and when I went back to the machine it was up and running except that now I cannot get back on line.
I am using Network Manager and two NICs built-in. No wireless device and only one of the two lan ports connected but when I right click on the Networks icon there are two wired connections shown:-
Wired connection 1 (enp0s26f1u2) and
Wired connection 1 (en01)
Strange but when I selected the other one (I think en01, it was connected. What was going on there. Should I post a new question in networking forum?
Will let you know how the RAID is tomorrow but I guess it will be working on rebuilding the hot spare.
Thanks for the hand holding while I worried. Now will revisit backup procedures and warning email alert setup.