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Thread: "New" user and questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert3945 View Post
    another quick question, i have not yet installed opensuse, is the installation long and tedious? and is there a way to do the install without a network connection? like download the iso first and it contain everything needed to install, last time with linux mint the iso was very small but the install needed to use the network and took forever.
    You can download LIVE-systems and test them without installation.

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    May I suggest a slightly different course? Leap 15.2 is going to be released in 4 to 6 weeks and while still in Beta it is stable enough for most everyday tasks.
    I would download the KDE Live version from here
    and burn it to an USB stick; if you use, say, a 4GB stick you will get also a "hybrid" partition on the stick where any change, added package and user data will be stored, so that you shall be able to use Linux on-a-stick almost like it were installed.
    You can practice it for a few weeks, then upon release you will have a better idea of what you need to install on the laptop disk and how to do it.
    At the moment I see no good reason to install Tumbleweed for a newbie unless your hardware is bleeding edge and you need the very latest version of everything to make it work.
    Consider that Tumbleweed may break from time to time and impose some added hassle to a newbie, beyond needing the command line to update which is, frankly, a very minor issue.
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