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Thread: Realtek RTL8821 not recognised

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    Default SOLVED: Re: AW: Realtek RTL8821 not recognised

    Quote Originally Posted by Sauerland View Post
    If you have Internet, as root:
    zypper ar -f Sauerland-Hardware
    zypper in -f rtl8821ce-kmp-default
    So you will get the Update of the driver.

    No Internet:
    Download and install:
    After that the first Command from above to get my Repo.
    THANKS! worked instantly right after reboot. I will also update my other requests for help in other forums.

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    Default AW: Realtek RTL8821 not recognised

    Is Bluetooth working?
    If yes, nothing to do.

    If no, you can test my Bluetooth kmp:
    zypper in -f btrtl-kmp-default
    It can work or not, it depends on the chip inside your Wlan.
    If it is not working, nothing to do.

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    Default Re: Realtek RTL8821 not recognised

    Bluetooth works perfectly, thanks again!


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