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    Hi, I recently discovered the magic world of opensuse and tumbleweed, and so far I'm excited. Every day I find a new tool, like opi which is even better than aur.
    When I learned about tumbleweed-cli, Ι got excited about that rolling model!
    But there is something that still confuses me.
    I did a fresh TW install yesterday and quickly installed tumblewee-cli and did a
    tumbleweed switch --install 20200314
    which was the latest stable.
    Today I did a new
    tumbleweed switch --install 20200318
    My question is, is there any further step should I do?
    tumbleweed status
    output is
    latest: 20200322
    target: 20200318
    installed: 20200322
    Does it means I am on 20200318 or not?

    Thanks in advance, so happy being on opensuse's wagon

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    I guess you want to update your system using "tumbleweed switch".

    The normal method for that is:
    sudo zypper ref
    sudo zypper verify
    sudo zypper dup

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