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Thread: Pulse audio outputting s32le when set to s24le

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    Default Pulse audio outputting s32le when set to s24le


    My speakers/sound-monitors are active and they feed 24bit/192 audio. When I configured my Pulseaudio conf file to s24le and either 192000 or 96000 it magically switches itself to s32le. I have avoid re-sampling on(but tested with off also) and after running "pactl list short sinks" it shows that it switches to s16/44100 when playing spotify, but then changes to S32/48000 when opening say youtube or vlc for example. It starts to sound like a compressor is running because it's sampling up and down. While things like youtube audio are not exactly premium listening experiences, I would like to avoid having it ever going into 32bit since the speaker amplifier can't handle that and downsample making everything sound overprocessed.

    Thank you for the help.

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    Default Re: Pulse audio outputting s32le when set to s24le

    Try to set PulseAudio
    resample-method = copy

    resample-method = soxr-vhq
    Additionally you may change ALSA settings.

    AFAIK problem is not with s32le.

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