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Thread: Highlights of YaST Development Sprint 94

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    Lightbulb Highlights of YaST Development Sprint 94

    After some time of silent work (our previous blog post was published a month ago), the YaST Team is back with some news about the latest development sprint and some Hack Week experiments. Those news include: Enabling YaST on the Windows Subsystem for Linux Usability improvements for the Online Search, the Partitioner and the Kdump […]


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    Default Re: Highlights of YaST Development Sprint 94

    For anyone who is using WSL for very important work (I've privately recommended to others this is by far the best way to run Python on Windows and spoken to others who have deployed important apps in WSL),

    Read the article and my comment carefully...
    There have been changes which currently may make openSUSE in WSL unsuitable until the issues I identified are addressed.

    Otherwise, there is plenty of goodness in the announcement...

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