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Thread: Installing Gnome

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    Quote Originally Posted by nrickert View Post
    I have a 10 year old laptop with Intel graphics. And it is working fine (both Gnome and KDE).

    Honestly, just stick with KDE. Yes, startup is slow. But once it has finished its startup, it runs very well. I suspect the KDE developers made a decision to put concentrate on the efficiency after startup, at the cost of a slower startup.
    Ha, MacBook3,1 late 2007 still running fine here, but it has a nice Intel GPU....
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    Default Re: Installing Gnome

    If you prefer KDE type apps, try the LXQt DE, it uses the same Qt framework so supports similar or even same apps. But not all the automated stuff so much lighter feel

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    Ah, didn't know that one. I might consider it.
    I've always liked KDE better than Gnome, but the startup time is starting to irritate me. But as nrickert said, after it has started it runs really well on my HP Elitebook. The only thing is the ridiculously small screen, but this is - unfortunately - nothing that even Gnome can fix.

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