Hello! I am about to upgrade TW and I noticed CherryTree is going to be removed. I have a handful (uh... a rather large handful...) of academic notes made with CT over the last 3 or 4 years, and I wish to ask a few questions:
a) Is there any application that you could recommend and I can use to replace CT?
b) Is it possible to back up my CT data so that I can keep using it with said application?
c) Is CT coming back? (;_; I know, I know: not the smartest of questions, and perhaps no straight answer available)

Additionally; is there a list of software scheduled for removal? I've read python2-based software is going to be removed, and I was wondering how to somehow take preventive measures so that I don't end up annoyingly begging for advice on backups.

Thank you for reading! And thanks in advance for any kind help or advice you can share.