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Thread: Ethernet sharing crashes Plasma desktop

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    Default Ethernet sharing crashes Plasma desktop

    I have been trying to search Bugzilla for any report, but the search seems to be hanging, so I am documenting this here just in case Bugzilla is undergoing maintenance.

    After updating to Tumbleweed 20200209, I could not activate sharing over Ethernet to my Raspberry Pi as it seems to first crash the network manager app, before crashing the entire Plasma desktop. It's bad enough that I have to do the REISUB combo every single time to reboot the computer as it seems to be ignoring sudo reboot even after successfully entering the reboot commands from tty. I have tried swapping out wires, changing to Wayland, logging in and out, and restarting, yet the problem still persists. It is probably not a hardware issue as I was able to create a shared Ethernet connection in an Ubuntu 18.04 and 19.10 live desktop environment.

    The only time it seems to work is when I delete the Shared Ethernet configuration in the network manager and creating a new shared Ethernet connection. But after disconnecting and reconnecting the crash reappears once more.

    Any bugs so far reported on this issue? What tests should I try next?
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    Default Re: Ethernet sharing crashes Plasma desktop

    Quote Originally Posted by rewarp View Post
    After updating to Tumbleweed 20200209
    Without knowing from which version you updated it is not of much use. But anyway - the first thing to check today in case of any networking issues is /etc/nsswitch.conf:

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