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Thread: How to update certificate store?

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    Default How to update certificate store?

    I am unable to find a way to update the certificate store. I do not find Google or gmail certificates installed. Many others exist.

    The email application reports it wished to make nice with this, but I find nothing like that is installed.

    Server certificate:
    Issuer Organization: Google Trust Services
    Issuer CommonName: GTS CA 1O1
    Subject CommonName:
    Subject Alternative Name:

    Yast gives me no clues.

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    Default Re: How to update certificate store?

    I do not really understand the question. "Google Trust Services" certificate is signed by "GlobalSign Root CA - R2" which is installed as trusted root certificate on Leap 15.1. You need to describe your issue you are trying to solve, not your conclusions how to solve this issue.

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    Default Re: How to update certificate store?

    Sorry for lack of clarity. Regardless, you provided the answer. Once I entered the correct path, I had to do c_rehash and things are working quite well now.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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