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Thread: Installer kernel panic

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    Default Installer kernel panic

    I have one of these and I've never been able to get 15.0 to run properly or 15.1 to even install, but with support for 42.3 being a distant memory I decided to give the alpha of 15.2 a try.

    I had to add acpi=off as a kernel parameter or else the installer would simply shut down, with this parameter I now get the following error message:

    I have a working 42.3 setup and am more than happy to run whatever diagnostics, I'd even be willing to apply patches to patch and compile the kernel if any of the devs have some idea of what might fix this. I've dabbled in minor kernel fixed in the past but unfortunately other commitments mean I don't have time to fix this myself.

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    Default Re: Installer kernel panic

    Have you tried a live Tumbleweed release to see how that goes?

    Looks like you have a NVMe device, did you try the option suggested in the output to the grub boot options?

    What are the BIOS settings for the drives, not set to RAID?
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