I put Tumbleweed on my spare dev machine that I had setup Fedora on over the weekend, and, like with Leap, I actually am rather happy with it, too. I used Xfce, as I felt it safest to roll on. Gnome has a nasty habit of breaking existing extensions on new releases, some of which I consider essential for any usability. I recently found things like adding suspend to power management buttons, putting tray icons on top, and some uses of dash2panel either do not work, or now occasionally crash, on Fedora (31), which has latest gnome, even though those are listed as "compatible to install". I did not want that kind of experience popping up after an update. KDE is also rather complex and the few complaints I hear about Tumbleweed seem traced back to a bad KDE related change in a snapshot.

While suse never was known for being an Xfce focused distro, Xfce on tumbleweed is actually a rather nice desktop with a rather pleasant default setup. For me, the real question is how it will behave as it updates over time. I have had some bad experiences with other rolling distros in the past, which is why I have been rather cautious about using them.