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Thread: Overwatch with Lutris

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    Default Overwatch with Lutris

    Hi! I'm trying to use Lutris to launch Overwatch (and optimize it) but:

    - if i enable dxvk i receive "not a gzip file" because seems that the file it automatically download is not a gzip...seems..

    - even if i don't use dxvk, i receive "Exit with returncode 53" from console and the game doesn't start. Ive alredy installed libldap-2_4-2-32bit

    What can i do? Thanks!

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    I do have the same problem, anyone have any solution?

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    Default Re: Overwatch with Lutris

    Just bumping, to see if someone will post the solution one day xD

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    Default Re: Overwatch with Lutris

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