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Thread: Intermittent wifi connectivity problem

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    Every now and then, after a fresh boot, networkmanager will not connect to wifi. There are no errors in the system journal, just the usual messages about associating, and sometimes it will say associated, but yet there is still no connection. I've tried restarting both the network manager service and the network service when this happens, and it has no effect. The only way I can seem to get a wifi connection is to reboot, then it usually works fine afterward. This does not happen every time, only about once every 2-3 days. But, it has happened several times over the course of the past couple weeks. Any suggestions on what to check next time this happens? Thanks.

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    The next time you believe that the wifi is associated but no internet connection evident, capture the following information
    sudo iwconfig
    ip address
    ip route
    grep name /etc/resolv.conf
    Instead of rebooting, try unloading and reloading the wireless driver. It might be a power management issue at play.

    The hardware details may also be useful for others who may be able to advise further
    /sbin/lspci -nnk |grep -iA3 net
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    Thanks for the advice. I was using the kernel from the kernel:stable repo and discovered my wifi card (qualcomm atheros) has a separate firmware package in that repo, but I could not install it due to some dependency issue with dracut (I didn't copy it down and I don't recall the exact message). So, I moved back to the LEAP kernel and hopefully that connectivity issue will not recur. I'll update this thread if it does.

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