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Thread: OT - Software Search mucked up

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    Default OT - Software Search mucked up

    I see a number of surmountable issues this Saturday AM related to the Microfocus authentication,
    Probably unrelated (but is it really a co-incidence?)

    The software search site is now missing the entire input field for searching, and now displaying an error asking the User to input a value.


    At first I thought that maybe the source of the missing object on the page might be down, but when I look at the page source, I don't even see the input field for the software search, and I think the error message is displayed statically and not dynamically when an error is detected.

    Maybe the wrong page (file) is being displayed?

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    Default Re: OT - Software Search mucked up

    The search page is currently returning: "Connection to OBS is unavailable. Functionality of this site is limited." indicates a "Major Outage" for the Build Service...
    Regards, Paul

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    Default Re: OT - Software Search mucked up

    Yes, OBS is down, check back on Monday.... it's the weekend, let the folks who maintain the openSUSE Infrastructure have the weekend off....
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    Default AW: OT - Software Search mucked up

    Around 16:00 CET today, one of the virtualization servers (which run some of the backend machines) decided to stop operating "somehow". In turn, the communication between the API and those backend machines became unreliable. The API summed up the requests up to a state where it was not able to handle more requests.

    By moving the backends over to another virtualization server, the problem is fixed for now (since ~19:00) and the API is working on the backlog. We still need to investigate what happened with the problematic virtualization server - but this is something for next week.

    OBS is partial up again.
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