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Thread: bcache device, what size for bcahing device ?

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    Default bcache device, what size for bcahing device ?

    i want to bcache a HDD partition sda4 with a nvme ssd partition

    opensuse leap 15.1 partitions :

    - nvme0n1p1 / , 40 GB
    - sda1 /boot/efi , 500 MB
    - sda2 swap 8 GB
    - sda4 /home 0.9 TB

    The available space in ssd is 198 GB
    What size for the bcaching partition ?

    OpenSuse Argon 15.1 x86_64,Asus Prime 250M-A, Intel Core i5-7400, 16 GB, Intel HD Graphics 630, Plugable usb-bt4le bluetooth 4.0 usb adapter, multicard reader USB 3.0 35fcreadbu3, HP LaserJet 1220, Headset bluetooth 3.0 Philips SHQ7300

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    Default Re: bcache device, what size for bcahing device ?

    I don't know that anyone has published a guide or even what to factor into your decision but I imagine such things like your relative read/write performance of your disks and how your data is stored and used would make every setup unique.

    In any case,
    The following is one article where he describes his configuration, which is 10:1

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