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Thread: An old thread that saved my day today

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    Default An old thread that saved my day today

    Each time I am start the steam, it was very slow launching. Most likely almost a minute or more. Here's the error from the terminal
    _IceTransSocketUNIXConnect: Cannot connect to non-local host 
    Trying to look for solutions available from the internet, luckily this old good thread offering me remedy
    Now my steam started almost immediately, the last 8 years discussions in 2011 that still relevance in 2019
    The old yet working great Intel i5 4590 (Haswell), MSI B85M-G43, MSI GTX750Ti, Leap 15.2, Gnome 3.36 on 120GB SSD

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    Default Re: An old thread that saved my day today

    Very cool.
    Yes, the Forums is a unique resource that can draw upon exponentially more experience than what might be available in other Support options.

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