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Thread: wifi connection how to?

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    Default wifi connection how to?

    I have OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 installed on my PC. I would like to use my wifi network. I tried to use YAST2 but could not achieve internet access. Then I found a tip on the net to use Network Manager. Where do I find it and how to use it?

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    What Desktop Environment are you using? You should have an applet in the desktop to manage network connections, that is an interface to NetworkManager.
    Should you prefer a text interface, open a terminal and try:
    Check "man nmtui" for details. You might also check "man NetworkManager" or "man nmcli" for a command line interface.
    The following pages might also be useful (but maybe some content is not up to date):
    Leap 15.1 Gnome on i7 4720HQ + Geforce GTX960M
    testing Leap 15.2Beta

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    You may be suffering from a well-known bug in the Leap 15.1 ISO. It tells you that it is installing network manager and then installs wicked.

    Go to YaST>System>Network settings (ignore any error messages). Make sure the Network Setup Method is NetworkManager Service.

    Go to YaST>Servces Manager and make sure that NetworkManager is set to On boot and Wicked is set to Manually. Save any necessary changes.

    Close YaST; open a terminal, enter su followed by your root password and enter:
    rm /etc/resolv.conf
    init 6
    When you reboot, all should be fine.

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