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Thread: Dual Monitors Not Waking Up

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    ASUS | Acer

    ASUS [Video Port] - direct plugin
    Acer [HDMI Port]- had to use a [video -> HDMI Adapter] (for some reason the HDMI video port on the card showing horizontal multi-colored static lines) connected to HDMI 3D rockerFish 4Port Switcher. Sharing with Desktop and Laptop.

    After [Sleep] and first time using it after install last night, I could not get the Acer to initialize/wake up properly. Can see the Mouse, a few horizontal static lines at the top, so I had to restart.

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    Default Re: Dual Monitors Not Waking Up

    Static lines on a screen uncommonly have anything to do with software trouble. Cable connections, switches, adapters, video RAM, GPU and failing display components are all capable of producing such screen output defects.

    Please install inxi and provide by pasting here using code tags the input and output from an X terminal emulator (e.g. Xterm, Konsole, Gnome Terminal, XFCE Terminal, etc.) running the following:
    inxi -Gxx
    susepaste /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old
    The susepaste command sometimes fails. If it does, please upload the Xorg.0.log.old file to or and paste here the resulting URL. Be sure to do this only after having restarted because of experiencing the reawakening failure you described.
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    I am seeing this on my dual monitor setup after zypper dup in tumbleweed last week.
    It only happens on the second monitor. The default monitor wake up from sleep
    while the second monitor stays off.
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