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Thread: Canon Maxify MB2720 Question

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    Question Canon Maxify MB2720 Question

    Hello everyone,
    the first. The printer works and with the supplied drivers from Canon i can also scan documents.

    Now, my problem or looking for a solution to be more effective.

    If i scan a document, it looks like that Canon wants me to use "ScanGear" to scan every document individually. That works great but is not very efficient.
    It seems that i can not just press the button on the printer to start the scan. So i have to use the requester from ScanGear to actually scan the document. Since the printer does not sit where i am sitting, this makes me actually walk for every document.

    Xsane does not recognice my printer at all. Not sure if that would change the premise.

    Is there a better solution? Maybe even a better MFP for doing scans. It seems that HP maybe better since it supports Linux better. That is just my assumption.

    Thank you

    p.s. i ran Tumbleweed.

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    Default Re: Canon Maxify MB2720 Question

    Unfortunately, the Canon scanner driver requires the use of its front-end utility as well. I doubt that there are any other viable options here, apart from changing hardware eg HP.
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