I am sure some of out there can remember the "Forbin Project: Colossus" about the computer that decided the best way it could serve man was to enslave man. The computer had NO OFF Button and answered to nobody but itself.

The Point:
1. Someone that answers themselves is probably insane - right.
2. If every disaster movie and genre out there tells us that you must have an OFF BUTTON why do developers insist on releasing software without them. You have this nice shiny new computer and all is finally working fantastic. But this computer has a mind of it's own. It's capacitive mouse pad is so sensitive that without you noticing because your eyes are focused on the letters you are typing up, that the computer decided to insert the contents of the clipboard 1000 times. In frustration when you finally notice you clip the desktop outside the application and WHAM! you got a sticky note from KJots on your desktop and when you try to remove it you get another sticky from plasma-stickynote!!!
3. The mark of a poorly run business is one where nothing gets done without 10000 stickies pasted all over the place.

I don't have Alzheimer's so I don't need reminders. Put a shut off until I need it on the sticky-note from Plasma, and the mirror one from KDE. Not every action I do warrants going to the clipboard. THE CLIPBOARD IS FOR WHAT I WANT TO SAVE. If I make a mistake and delete something by accident, and there is no undo in the program I might elect to protect myself by sending it to the clipboard instead of deleting. But to make every action go to the clipboard is insane! How about a Go-Away-Button for the clipboard, And a Mind-Own-Business Button for the auto-insert. And maybe we can hardwire these buttons to give a serious jolt to any developer that fails to realize that just because we can doesn't mean we should.