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Thread: what has happened to minds of developers

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    Default Re: what has happened to minds of developers

    I use;

    rpm -qa *lang --qf "%{name}\n" |xargs zypper rm -u
    zypper rm libply* plymouth*
    zypper al *-lang libply* plymouth*
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    Default Re: what has happened to minds of developers

    I think in this thread there is a misunderstanding of what the clipboard is, and possibly exacerbated by the Klipper app which provides the User insight into the workings and contents of the clipboard. Note that Klipper is somewhat unique, you don't have to install it, and AFAIK there are very few apps like it and usually not installed by default in other Desktops.

    IMO and AFAIK the clipboard was never intended to be viewed or manipulated by the User, it was and still is fundamentally intended to be simply a hidden lower level function that provides buffering functionality to other applications... and as such, no "intelligent" filtering is built into it... It "just works" as it's designed, nothing more or less. If applications desire the ability to access data from another app, or for other applications to access data in the current app, the clipboard is a standardized (and this is important!) way to enable data to be shared between applications, else every application would be its own island and there would be no way to for example start writing something in Kwrite and then import that text into Libre Writer for its multitude of formatting features. Or, select some text from a website using Firefox and paste into Kwrite for your own editing.

    To provide that kind of universal, guaranteed functionality you have to use a utility like the clipboard that is both a common API and provides known functionality and it has to be without the limits described earlier in this Forum thread because any limitation would be unique, specific and not universal which would mean affecting applications randomly.

    An important thing to note about the clipboard is that data may be cached in the buffer, but it's typically usable unless the data is copied to an app that can view or execute functionality on the data.

    Probably the simplest way to avoid placing data in the clipboard is to simply use an app that doesn't support the clipboard...
    Like Vim and I'd expect the graphical frontend gvim.

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    Default Re: what has happened to minds of developers

    I am not opposed to clipboard and use it as intended for sharing my info between apps. but things klipper and I am sure other add-ons too have taken control of the clipboard and operate it in an obtrusive way. it is hard to find which add-on has created the issue let alone how to config any such app to work as you want. I tried to configure the clipboard even tried to find and configure klipper and got nowhere fast.

    right click clipboard and select configure clipboard and you get plasma clipboard configure. Is this klipper or is it plasma clipboard ? are they the same or different?? It has "save on exit" this can be useful, prevent empty clipboard (what just is that for), ignore images ??? it's unchecked so in theory I can't copy images to clipboard and import into gimp but it's unchecked and paste into gimp works!!!

    Then it has ignore selection, text selection only (is checked) and syncronized (is unchecked) but if you leave the mouse over a text field while you type you suddenly get all kinds of clipboard pasted contents without asking for them. Choose HELP and it says no help can be found.

    Can't spend too much time trying to find what to do and hate having to ask all the time for help so I resort to routinely clearing the clipboard just so I can move forward.
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    Default Re: what has happened to minds of developers

    The only thing that I do with klipper, is uncheck the box for "save on exit" (because I don't want passwords to be save to a file). Apart from that, klipper does not seem to get in the way.
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    Talking Re: what has happened to minds of developers

    Quote Originally Posted by dcurtisfra View Post
    There's an interesting point in there:
    Given KDE Klipper behaviour with respect to the dual buffers offered by the X Window System®, I'm more than happy with the behaviour of this Clipboard implementation.
    • Personally, I find that, other Clipboard implementations don't really match up to the KDE offering …

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