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Thread: LXD dose not start

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    Bug has been created, reference url;

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsu2 View Post
    I'll have to take a look at LXC architectural changes sometime, it's curious that when lxc installs it includes dependencies for KVM-QEMU but LXD does not(although because LXD requires LXC then the dependencies might be known to be satisfied indirectly). LXC and LXD project descriptions don't mention any use of a hypervisor but there are plenty use of the word "virtualization" which may or may not mean anything. And, no pictures. But, when LXD is launched successfully (see my snappy description below), console output clearly says a hypervisor is launched... perhaps a software hypervisor? Hardware virtualization support may not be required simply to manage anything, but it's curious why a hypervisor would be used at all.
    The term "hypervisor" is a misnomer, they're just referring to themselves as a "hypervisor" (in the sense that it is a system that runs and manages containers). Containers are a kind of virtualisation -- but rather than being hardware virtualisation (like VMs) they are classically called OS virtualisation (as with Solaris Zones and FreeBSD Jails).

    Quote Originally Posted by tsu2 View Post
    One of the main show-stopper problems both of you likely are running up against is that you can't initialize, "lxd init" returns an error.
    That socket error has to be resolved before you can have a fully successful running lxd.
    LXD is a long-running daemon (though unlike Docker you can restart it and your containers won't die), and "lxd init" is used for the initial configuration of an LXD daemon. You need to first have LXD running before you can configure it -- the socket error is because LXD isn't running (the "lxd" and "lxc" commands connect to the daemon over a socket).

    Quote Originally Posted by tsu2 View Post
    BTW - note that this test invoking lxd directly has value for testing, when using lxd normally you would not invoke directly for any but a few very select commands, lxc commands should automatically fire up lxd when necessary. This also means that the lxd daemon should not be running continuously.
    As mentioned above, LXD is a long-running daemon. The "lxc" commands do not start the daemon, they connect to an already-running daemon. That's why there's an LXD service you need to start.

    Quote Originally Posted by tsu2 View Post
    At least in my case I can't run lxd/lxc because of the init problem which has to be resolved...
    Did you start the LXD service? You've switched to snap (which is fine), but the reason why I packaged LXD for openSUSE is because it means we can run it natively without the few (relatively minor) downsides of running under snappy.

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    Default Re: LXD dose not start

    Thx for your input in this thread!

    I see your explanation about "operating system virtualization"(not actually software hypervisor which another thing altogether) and its official description does *******ize the conventional concept and definition of virtualization as requiring a translation layer that emulates or translates.

    Based on some research, I think I may have come up with an answer to my wondering about the KVM-QEMU requirement... I suspect now that it has at least three LXC purposes based on the following two references...
    - Integration with libvirt management (as an option)
    - Some User-space tools including security accounting and configuration
    - Support for containers in a foreign architecture

    That's interesting that the LXD daemon must be running to avoid the socket error...
    I'm pretty sure my various experiments included that scenario, but I'll run those again later today.
    I did notice that the LXC commands at least called LXD, but may have only assumed incorrectly that by calling the daemon would also start it up automatically as well.

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