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Thread: golang go bufio module

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    Default golang go bufio module

    Good day.

    I am trying to compile evebox form github but I get this error all the time. The only instance I was able to compile anything related to go was with dnscrypt-proxy2. I do not have much knowledge of golang go and their documentation is complicated or it doesn't help me.

    root@linux-fx1e:/usr/local/src/evebox # make install-deps
    go get
    build cannot load bufio: cannot find module providing package bufio
    make: *** [Makefile:43: install-deps] Error 1
    root@linux-fx1e:/usr/local/src/evebox # go version
    go version go1.12.12 linux/amd64
    What should I do to fix this.


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    Default Re: golang go bufio module

    It is fixed now. I had wrong $GOPATH.

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