I'm curious why when I install Leap15.1 w/ gnome desktop (new install) that the icons in the Yast2 Control Center look like older flat style icons from an 8bit game, rather than the smooth clean look that I saw in 42.3 and Leap15.0.
Did something not configure properly during my install, or is this the new look of YAST?
I checked the documentation and release notes and it mentions new icons for YAST but I assume that is talking about the initial YAST install views and not the control center app icons.
When I display all apps, all the ones related to YAST are a flat/chunky look. It makes no functional difference I've just gotten used to the beauty of the default icons I have on my 42.3 and 15.0 system.
Is there a simple fix for this, or is this just the direction the YAST look is going?