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and look at inxi's version.
Looks like you need to update inxi to a version 3.0+.
You can install it with a https://software.opensuse.org/packag...arch_term=inxi .
Most of the time that version is not the same as upstream's latest, which changes on a rather random basis.

15.1's inxi is an antique data collection and reporting script, missing lots of functionality. If you remove the openSUSE inxi package and save the author's somewhere in $PATH you can have it update itself using its -U switch. If using the author's latest you're entitled to be taken seriously if you report a problem with it or offer a suggestion in his forum.

drivers: ati,amdgpu
IMO - you need only amdgpu, blacklist ati.
There's no need to blacklist.
sudo zypper rm xf86-video-ati
removes the upstream optional ati DDX that openSUSE's xorg-x11-driver-video metapackage installs, so Xorg and inxi won't find it.