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Thread: not found in pg_config --libdir path

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    Default not found in pg_config --libdir path

    As the title says, the library
    is not in the path given by
    pg_config --libdir
    . I install
    postgresql posqtgresql-devel
    which provides the package libpq5 which in turn installs the

    $ pg_config --libdir
        $ find /usr/ -name

    Our applications rely on the path given by
    pg_config --libdir
    to look for but it fails. Is this some problem with OpenSUSE package management or is it that we shouldn't be using pg_config for this purpose?

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    Default Re: not found in pg_config --libdir path

    I guess it depends on your code and whether you're running as root.
    The location of that file should easily be found by anything running in a root context...

    I guess the question is what you might want to run, and particularly if it involves custom code that wouldn't run with elevated permissions?

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