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Thread: Idea about connecting console and gui

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    Default Idea about connecting console and gui

    Hi. I was trying to sent my idea to opensuse-factory mailing list, but my idea was rejected.
    I asks why? I asks also about your's opinion's and waiting for suggestions. XML can be easier processed than normal text, because we have got semantic information. It could also be used to generate nice UI, using web browser engines.
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    [opensuse-factory] Connecting both gui and cui/cli world?

    Many years ago I have an idea to create a way console, but event-driven programs to talk
    with special daemon. This mechanism would been similar to Windows console
    mechanism, but in this case daemon would be web browser. I also plan to create an
    library, which could read output of program as XML and translated it to text + escape
    sequences or HTML. It will parse xslt files, stored in per-application basis.
    This daemon could been called bonsole. I didn't have manpower and even good
    computer to compile Firefox (Firefox needs more than 8 GiB of ram to compile on
    OpenSUSE with Plasma).

    Now someone just realized similar idea.[1] . He/She allows to generate HTML or other output by nmap. What about
    discuss about similar approach?
    Using web engines to create rich applications is very good idea, in my mind. Even for
    console - we could output just text, using xslt stylesheets and could provide an
    standardized XML application (XML sub-language) to have certainty our applications will
    be correctly rendered under console. Because XML is extensible, application could deliver
    many additional information, such like images. And... user could modify or pass different
    path to xslt stylesheet, so he/she would get different look/feel or include javascript to
    modify behavior.

    Lach Sławomir.
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    Default Re: Idea about connecting console and gui

    WIthout going into the content of your post: your mail was rejected because it was html formatted, which the MLs don't accept. Resend the message in plain text.
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