As per title, NetworkManager works from my normal user login for WiFi. But trying to configure the em1 ethernet interface with a static IPv4 address, netmask, gateway, and nameserver fails with "Insufficient priveleges". Neither nm-applet nor nmcli work, and neither prompt for a root password.

Online help suggests adding/changing something in the /etc/polkit-default-* or /etc/polkit-1/rules.d/*.rules files, but frankly I'm a bit lost. Most of what I found was specific to Ubuntu, and there's the usual distro mismatch between what goes in the main /etc files vs the individual rules.d files. The solution is probably simple, and any suggestions for what to add/change in which file, or if there's an nmcli or other command to use instead, would be greatly appreciated.

As an aside, this is my first experience with WiFi. I've always used a combination of YaST, editing /etc/resolv.conf, and the ifconfig or ip commands to set up static ethernet connections. My recent 15.1 install on a WiFi laptop did Wicked as a default and it failed miserably -- didn't connect during install, and only worked post-install after extensive manual configuration. Even then it required running wpa_supplicant and ip commands from a root shell after each reboot. (It was a steep learning curve and this is as far as I got.) Note that the WiFi access point uses WPA2-PSK;I believe Wicked works fine with lower security protocols. NetworkManager with nmcli and nm-applet does everything I need, from a non-root login, except for this ethernet problem.

Thanks for any help, and for listening to the Wicked-vs-NetworkManager install feedback.