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Thread: Issues with configuring wireguard VPN server

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    Default Issues with configuring wireguard VPN server

    I'm trying configure wireguard vpn on Leap 15.1 and here I have couple of questions:

    First of all, is there any up-to-date guide on doing it on OpenSuse? If yes, please provide a link and I'll follow the instructions.

    If no, then should I use network-manager or wicked? Most likely I'm doing something incorrectly but currently *for the same wireguard configuration*, in nm mode: Client can ping VPN server and vice versa, but VPN server lose ability to access its LAN and stops being accessible over ssh. In wicked mode Client can't ping VPN server and VPN server can't ping client but VPN server can access other machines on LAN and is accessible over ssh.

    I feel like there should be some difference in how nm handle firewall/ip-forwarding/whatever in comparison with wicked. I enabled ip forwarding / arp proxy via editing sysctl.conf but does it really have any influence on system behaviour for nm / wicked? Also for simplicity I disabled firewall via yast.

    I would appreciate any hints on what I'm doing wrong/how to do it properly.
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