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Thread: Akonadi crash (bug 402229)

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    Question Akonadi crash (bug 402229)

    Hello, is anybody aware of any OpenSUSE fixes to upstream bug 402229?

    Akonadi on my Thumbleweed installation has not been running for the last 2−3 months. This bug at least one reason why it doesn't run.


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    Default Re: Akonadi crash (bug 402229)

    IIRC openSUSE doesn't use msqli, but plain mysql instead. Can't check since I use Postgres with akonadi, but I'm quite sure. Please show contents of ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc
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    Talking Re: Akonadi crash (bug 402229)

    The Akonadi folks within the KDE world have made the following statement with respect to SQLite: <>
    Why not use sqlite?

    We tried. Really. It just can't handle the concurrent access very well.
    Please refer to [2] for more information on this subject.

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