I encountered the following problem yesterday at LEAP 15.1 installation.

I decided to upgrade my 15.0 to 15.1 via fresh installation from DVD. Everything went fine till the screen with language choice. I noticed I could not write anything in verification field, also touchpad was not active. I finished the installation with USB mouse and after system start the keyboard and touchpad both were dead again.

When I plugged in external USB keyboard and mouse they worked fine. Only built in keyboard and touchpad were not active.

I tried to start the system from Live CD - the same. In GRUB I could use the keyboard to choose the option, but when Opensuse took over the control it disactivated keyboard and touchpad.

Then I prepared DVD for network installation. The same. The keyboard was active in GRUB and shortly afterwards (I checked with lighted CAPS LOCK). Then after installer took over control it locked the keyboard.

My last step was to reinstall version 15.0 from DVD for network installation. It went perfect and all works fine. So I use 15.0 writing this post.

But I would be grateful to learn what makes such keyboard and touchpad issue in 15.1 ...